Read What People Are Saying About Chronic Kidney Disease – Life After Diagnosis

J. Snider, Boxford, Massachusetts

Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your book and your story with me. I have to admit I was in tears after just reading the Table of Contents. There in one place were all my fears, all my questions and all the deepest parts of my current existence right on one succinct page, followed by common sense, practical answers…It definitely gives me strength and courage to realize I am in such good company with so many wonderful warriors fighting the good fight right along with me. And I finished the book with a renewed resolve to find joy in all the positive parts of my life. God bless you my friend!

P. Alperi, Southern Pines, NC

I just finished reading the book, Chronic Kidney Disease, Life After Diagnosis by Jeff Parke.  It is a very informative book for patients, families, doctors and dialysis clinics.  I especially liked reading about the struggles that patients go through and how they are handling their disease.  I would recommend this book to everyone who is fighting a chronic disease.  Getting
out information is so important and I thank the author for all his hard work in putting this book together. 

Janice, Dumbarton, UK

I wish they both (mum and husband) had the information in one place from someone with experience,  they could have referred to at various junctures. I believe I will go back and forth to your book over the years and when the time comes I will give it to my daughter (she doesn’t feel the need right now still well but in denial).  I found the book relevant and informative and covering the unspoken topics Drs don’t want to discuss. I think they should read from a patient view when they are in training to understand the patients holistic journey while they are in training. This may allow them an understanding of individuals journey opposed to the current view “you shouldn’t be experiencing h this at this level etc etc” when we all know that is not the case. Well done Jeff already looking forward to the next one.  P.s I donated the price of the book to PKD.

Becky Aspaas, Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Your book is very important for me and other’s that has CKD. All the information that you give out from finding out when we’re diagnosed, getting referrals to nephrologist, renal dietitian, having a team of doctors, even psychiatrist, family and friends. Information on websites to educate oneself. All the little “stories” from others that have shared what they’ve been going through and how their managing “their life with CKD” There’s so much that I don’t even know about this disease, I’m just blown away. I would definitely recommend your book to others from the recently diagnosed CKD to their family/friends/caregivers. Thank you for letting me have the honor to read “your story” and all the information/resources that you have shared. Blessings to you,

Kim Dismukes, UT at US Navy Seabees

Thank you for allowing me to review your book. I was diagnosed with CKD 3 one year ago this past September. I was lost. At first my doctor put me on every three month labs and did a sonogram of the kidneys. I asked a few questions and she would answer.  She determined my CKD was due to High BP.   I ended up filing with the VA for a higher rating because my blood pressure problems began when I was in. The PCP’s in my area are not just regular doctors, they are like medi-clinics. When I began going to her, her office was not like that. Now that it is, they have lost a lab test which was important to me because I had gone to the ER the week previous and they found blood in my urine. She was suppose to order this lab, which I left the sample and they lost it. They are so busy you can never reach a human and when you leave a message you never hear back.

Enough about me. Your book pushed me to take my own steps in this process.  If I sit and wait, I will get worse. I have learned so much through your writings on the website and the book. It has pushed me to find a class so that I understand my own lab results.  Because right now, I am a lab result dummy. Doctors tell me nothing and show me nothing.  Just that my Gfr is wild because it goes up and down. And she keeps testing my calcium cause it’s always high. Because of you I have made myself an appointment with a specialist. I see him this Friday.  You touch a little on diet which helped me too. The whole book was just wonderful.  Very eye opening for me. I really needed that information.  It was also very easy for me to understand. Again, thank you. You don’t know how much you and your book have helped me.

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